​​Welcome to Providence Life Coaching Solutions where the lives of individuals and families are enriched through the services we provide. Through our passion for social work and life coaching, we assist others in recognizing and maximizing their untapped, yet outstanding attributes to their advantage.  We believe there is a rich spiritual element and a rewarding effect in bringing out the best in others. 

In the scope of our profession, we engage with individuals on a daily basis assisting them in exploring and unleashing the power and wisdom that lies within them. It is indeed amazing to see how individuals who were once confined and limited by the experiences of negative life events and circumstances, learn to harness the courage and will needed to transform their ways of thinking and doing.

We feel privileged for the opportunity and ability to serve in this capacity as it is intrinsically rewarding.  We assist individuals through the process of thoughtful questioning, the exploration of life situations and thought patterns, and guide them to a destination of purposeful living. 

Why Life Coaching?

  • Identify and clarify your life goals

  • Improve self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Improve relations with relatives and co-workers

  • Work-through life's transitions (marriage, divorce, grief)

  • Achieve personal empowerment

  • Enhance academic and career advancement

  • Increase Spiritual Awareness

  • Resolve intrapersonal & interpersonal conflicts

  • Explore & resolve child & adolescent challenges


"Life is full of possibilities, we must be willing to let go of the life we planned in order to embrace the life  that awaits us." ​

-Joseph Campbell

How We Work

At Providence Life Coaching Solutions we focus on the challenges and needs of individuals and consider their unique situation as we address their specific goals and objectives, using a holistic approach.

We are committed to guiding you toward the exploration and discovery of your innate, untapped potential.  We will assist you in creating an enriching and purposeful life. Allow us to partner with you in enhancing the quality of your life.


Violet Burke, MSW

Clinical Therapist & Life Coach

Please call us for a free telephone consultation to explore the amazing benefits of life coaching with our team at Providence Life Coaching Solutions

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​Email: providencelifecoaching@gmail.com

Website: plcsolution.com


Lead Life Coach:

​Violet Burke is a registered clinical social worker who honed a Master's degree in social work and a bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts, with a focus in behavioral sciences from Barry University. She currently provides services to individuals and families through life coaching and in the field of social work as a clinical therapist, applying Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy and other client centered approaches. 

She constantly pursues knowledge and skills and uphold values that advance the welfare of individuals she serves in her community, who are faced with personal  life challenges and social issues.  She herself has gained positive results from being guided through her career path, personal and spiritual goal achievements by a life coach. 

In conjunction with her educational and professional background, she embraces the experiences of her spiritual journey as they facilitate the awareness and intuitiveness necessary to her overall well-being and fosters her ability to provide services that promotes the growth and development of others.